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This website has been launched so as to produce a forum for those opposed to the headlong rush into GM. The political parties at Westminster appear to be in favour of GM - certainly the government is pro the Biotech industry.

Our approach is not one of anti science. It is in favour of more science and certainly more testing. GM crops are at present being fed to animals and humans without any recording or observations being made. We have no clue as to the affects on animals let alone humans. There may be potential benefits from GM however if we don't proceed slowly and carefully the health and environmental costs could outweigh the benefits. There are three strands to our approach.

  1. Unite the people of Ryedale and Britain into one campaign.

  2. Show the government and the biotech companies that we wish to protect our precious environment. Our maize campaign is a start!

  3. A place where we can gather together information on the science, politics, economics or any other facets of the GM struggle

  4. The most important part of the Maize Plant Campaign is the compiling of a list of maize growers. The government will ignore those growing maize unless we unite and tell them.

Please help us compile a list of thousands.

We CAN Win

DEFRA shows some concern:

On (17/3/04) a spokesman for the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs admitted Cllr. Clark’s plans could have some impact if taken on by the public. He said: “I can understand why he is doing it. There is currently very little conventional maize grown in this country.

It is much less of an issue for a GM farmer if there isn’t any conventional crop in the neighbouring area. If there is conventional maize grown then the issue of coexistence becomes far more crucial"

(Yorkshire Post 18/3/04)