GM Motion

Below is the motion passed by Ryedale District Council, proposed by John Clark and seconded by Nelly Trevelyan.

This council recognises that:

·        Genetic modification of crop plants is a relatively new branch of science and technology.

·        There is still scientific debate about the safety of GM crops

·        The economic growing of GM crops presents legal, economic, social, environmental, health and ethical problems that have not yet been properly addressed.

Ryedale District council therefore declares that this district will so far as it is possible be kept free of GM crops, GM animal feed and GM food.

This council recognises that:

·        The above issues are of concern to a large proportion of the people of Ryedale.

·        The livelihoods and well-being of the vast majority of Ryedale people depend on our rural environment.

 The council therefore resolves to:

·        Ensure that no GM crops are grown on land over which it has control.

·        Adopt a GM –free policy for all goods and services for which the council is responsible.

·        Consider each prospective GMO marketing consent and where appropriate write to –

  1. Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

  2. European Commission.

requesting that a condition under Article 19(3)(c) be added to such marketing consent so as to exempt Ryedale from the scope of such consent.

·        Request the Government to prohibit the sale and use of GM animal feeds in agriculture throughout Ryedale

·        Request the Government to prohibit the sale of GM food and derived products in retail outlets throughout Ryedale.

·        Calls upon NYCC and the health authorities to adopt a GM free policy for all schools, hospitals and other establishments throughout Ryedale.

·        Declare Ryedale a GM Free Zone.

·        Hold a major Ryedale debate to discuss the problems outlined above and the Ryedale –wide implementation of the above policy.